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The diver thing is not really something we want to focus on. We know many of his other falsehoods and they are damning enough.

Anyone reading this thread can see the connections btwn him and his cronies and how they all appear to be mutually supporting in their efforts to claim something for him that is not at all accurate.

Why would his girlfriend call someone out of the blue and ask if they were a socnet member? Why would she talk about a lawsuit to this person? We know she didn't pull the number out of her ass and decide to call. Someone gave her the data. She appears to be a party to a harassment claim for her actions. The person who pointed her in that direction should look himself in the mirror and take some responsibility for this. We didn't ask Shari to get involved. It's not our fault she backed a losing horse.

Same goes for the rest of you who are fervently trying to pull a rabbit out of your hat. We know what we know. As I noted in the very first thread, we didn't ask for this, nor start it, but we are going to see it through.