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Just finished the book last night.

Awesome fucking job Chris.

I can't speak to the authenticity of the combat sequences as I've never been involved in any but as an old Low Speed, High Drag Army Infantryman you hit the platoon dynamic dead in the ten ring. It might not be how Marines or Rangers relate to each other but it captures the second string perfectly.

Also, having read upward of a thousand books in my lifetime I know the difference between a good author and a bad one and you deserve to be proud of the job you've done here. I've read Sean Parnell, Sebastian Junger, David Bellavia, Chris Kyle, and most other OIF/OEF authors' work and for what it's worth your book compares favorably to any of theirs from a talent perspective and is better than more than a few despite not having worked with a ghost/co author and a big-name publisher.

Speaking professionally as a librarian I'd have no problem at all recomending this book as historical fiction to a patron who'd read this generation's non-fiction accounts of the wars and was looking for something different but the same.

Kudos dude. You can count me a fan and I'm looking forward to your next release.

(PS. I would have had no problem telling you that your book sucked if it sucked or that it was middling if it was middling.)
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