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Originally Posted by gavin View Post
I have 3 AAC cans, including a SDN-6. I have no complaints with my AAC products, but I don't put a lot of rounds through my suppressors. IMO, if you intend on a high round count, you need to be looking at the high-end cans.
Iíve had my Surefire glowing red, no issues.

Looking at getting a .30 SOCOM from BigDaddyUnlimited for $897 but ArmsUnlimited has the non-SOCOM .30 Surefire for $675 and its only 5.6Ē as opposed to 6.2. The one from ArmsUnlimited also comes with a free flashhider. Any opinions on SOCOM vs non-SOCOM? I also looked at the Micro30 from Rugged Suppressors, I like how short it is. Itíll be primarily used on my first .300blk AR build (8Ē barrel).
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