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Originally Posted by havok88 View Post
On scoped rifles I like a 100 yard zero, but with red dots I prefer 50, because it has relatively little change out to 250
I do the same. It's not perfect I'm sure, but works great for me at the outdoor range I have access to.

Originally Posted by Polypro View Post
IMO 25 yards with a Red Dot would be a nightmare.
I had the displeasure of running a zero range for my battalion where it was the first time everybody had an M68 (Aimpoint CompM2) on their M4s. This being the Special Troops Battalion (Engineers, MI, Signal, MP) nobody had boresighted the damned things. Nightmare is a soft word for how miserable that week was. It being the middle of August in the Fort Campbell heat didn't do anything to improve the mood, or the results of the shooters. That was before you get into any nuances of why 25 yards (or meters in this case) isn't optimal for red dot zeroing.
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