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Originally Posted by The Corporate Guy View Post
Good advice.

These are not little white lies. He's completely full of shit. Possibly criminal. If he lies to you about this, would you trust him in court? Make sure you cover yourself.

(The story is so far over the bullshit poser line that I originally questioned if your story was sincere or a troll job.)
I know it must sound that way to an outside observer. I guess I have just been with him for years and knew nothing of military operations or protocol prior to him- I've always just thought of him as an exaggerator but not a total liar- I can't believe he's been ballsy enough to fabricate such a lie, even to the point that actual military personnel have vouched for him and he makes such grandiose claims to the VA, DAV (they are helping him with his 100% disability claim) and even other active duty military personnel who are his friends in real life and no one's called him on it. I suspect he does have mental issues and I am keeping all this investigation hidden from him especially til I have conclusive evidence, and will be consulting a lawyer. Unfortunately I still have little hard evidence, just the general 'this can't be true' feeling.
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