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Originally Posted by Fu King Lawyer View Post
The husband produced his credentials and said that he was an intelligence officer for the Department of Defense. 10 minutes later her petition was approved.
I can understand the above. I had no credentials in my latter career.
Often VIP's or lateral Ops Managers would pass thru my town for briefings. It was an expected and pleasurable task to invite the overnight motel visitor to my home for dinner and drinks. This was both a professional expectation and a welcome to many Ops Managers a distance from the core Ops crowd. However, it was a given that as I may be driving my guest group to my home it was always asked as a matter of security, "Is your wife witting?" Meaning, how much does she know so we as the guests can limit our social conversation. I easily advised that my wife knew for whom I worked, but not my ops or mission. ~ This was an easy given. My wife knew nothing about Government, Black Ops, Cover Stories, handsome husbands. The Unit I was C/Station was way out from the Intel Crowd. She just wanted a good guy and I hope I have done that.
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