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Originally Posted by CombatMedic1981 View Post
Yeah I’m wondering how they do it without mentioning politics/calling in your “quarter” or “Rabbi”.
Some of it comes down to agency culture and structure. My agency is pretty big, and there's a lot of movement potential within. That certainly helps, and was a big part of why I selected it as the place I wanted to work.

I've never had to play politics to get the spot I want. Alleged meritocracy-based selection helps with that. But so does work ethic, teamwork, and not giving a shit if I'm liked or not at the water cooler. Actual quote the other day in the office: "He's an asshole, but thank God he's OUR asshole".

Bottom line: I wake up every morning with enough friends. I don't go to work to make them. I go to work to work, and then I go live my life. The two aren't super intertwined at this point in my life...that's actually been a big help to me in taking my career exactly where I wanted it to go.

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