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Originally Posted by Tycon View Post
Lab Numbers, 56yrs old, very active, BP/BG numbers good.

Albumin 4.9g/dl
Estradiol (E2) <5pg/mL
PSA total 2.860ng/ml
Testosterone total 170 ng/dl (not 135 as I remembered)
SHBO 22nmol/L
Testosterone free 3.69ng/dl
Oh boy - you'll be glad you checked! 170ng/dl is LOOOOOOOW

1. That Estradiol reading looks like it was done using the Immunoassay, and not Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) - you may want to verify and retest that if true. Males should *always* use LC/MS for E2.

2. How many milligrams was the shot? How often did they say you will get/take one?

3. You need to keep a feel on your nipples. DIM is most likely not going to cut it as an Aromatase Inhibitor (which is also why you need that LC/MS E2 reading). I would contact them back and see if they can at least write you a 1 time fill of 1mg Anastrozole *in case of emergency*, ie. it's Friday night and your nipples light up like a Christmas Tree. For ref, I take 500mcg (micrograms - half a tab using pill cutter) for 70mg Test Cyp twice a week (for a total of 140mg Test, 1mg Anastrozole per week).

4. Sleep will improve quickly. But it'll take about 4-6 weeks for levels to stabilize, and when any Estrogen problems may start without an Rx AI.
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