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Originally Posted by Group9 View Post
I'm not defending anyone or throwing stones at anyone. But, I continue to believe that bad cops are the result of bad background investigations 95 per cent of the time.

And, having been the subject of many TS/SCI SSBI's, I agree that they are far from the best that could be done.

But, in any background investigation, the developed reference is more valuable than any other vetting technique, IMHO. Every BI I conducted or reviewed where someone was disqualified from hiring was due to the discovery of someone who knew them well, that the subject had failed to disclose, who gave out leads or info that resulted in a non-offer of hire.

I've seen so many people beat polygraphs, I don't even know why the are still used. And, they are the least effective with the people you most don't want on the job.
Yeah, I don't disagree with you on the background issue overall. I get angry when I think of the amount of money my agency spends on CVSA software and certifications annually. CVSA makes the polygraph look like science.

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