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Originally Posted by leopardprey View Post
The big problem this next election will be getting conservatives to even come out to vote. For example in my area, our Mayor and our local Senator - both Republicans, are just as liberal as anyone on the left. Amongst many other liberal platforms, the Mayor a former police chief, has come out and said only LE should be able to own AR rifles. Our Senator heads is the State’s majority leader and always pushing leftist platforms. So what is the point of even voting? When so many in the GOP have become spineless cucks, and are just as liberal as Democrats.
I can't speak to R's in your area. I would, however, raise concern over supposed Republicans who are running in Red areas as there are whispers of Progressives running as Republicans as some sort of very far left scheme. And I want to make this clear, this isn't part of an official Democratic party scheme; this is a Justice Democrats plan.

A bigger thing at play that Sigi often mentions is judge appointees. POTUS is simply working with the Federalist Society to appoint pretty conservative judges. Which in turn will have a much longer effect on gun rights than one or two term Presidents.

"McConnell has little common ground on legislation with the Democratic-controlled House, which is pushing action on background checks for gun buyers, election security....."
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