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I'm retired now but several years ago I got bounced back to patrol for a few months as the result of a personality conflict with a boss (outside of my unit but high rank than my boss).

I went back to the 4-12 shift. I was still a cop so I went out every day, got all of the expected activities out of the way early in my shift and then did my own thing.

My first two weeks back in uniform I made two seizures, handled a bunch of other crap and taught some bosses how to do police work.

A few months later I was back in the unit with non apology apology from the Chief for pulling me in the first place. His comment to my the unit CO was he appreciated the way I handled it instead of shutting down like others had in the past. I'm not saying you're doing that but if you're thinking a lot about the job it can impact your performance.

My personal opinion as a retiree? Don't be afraid to seek out a friendly ear with your stress unit, if you have one that is independent. Doesn't mean you're suicidal or anything but if things are bugging you it might be time to get a friendly independent ear to bounce things off.
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