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Some of those aren't too far off!

Originally Posted by skirmishline
I think you're really Old Army if:

-Your First Sergeant fought with the a Colonel.
Well, my great-great grandfather was a First Sergeant during the Indian Wars, but he was only a Lieutenant during the Late Unpleasantness. He'd been a subaltern in the British Army before that.

-You think the Army's going to hell because you hear they're giving up blues.
Or.... You wore the blue as a "flag of convenience" to get out of some POW camp. As if trading your red tunic for grey weren't transition enough!

"Archers, NOCK!" was a range command.

You wore a horned helmet on amphibious operations.

You insisted "no man be worth a leek save he carry a Baselard".

You think the Army's gone soft, now that company punishment's less than 200 lashes.
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