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Skivies...apologies for the delayed response.

No, we are not going to be NAPWDA certified, however we will be trained equivalent, and ready to test out with our K9's.

The instructors have in-depth experience. I am fortunate to have Brad Allen ('Dog Jesus') as an instructor for my small group of 5, out of a class of 22. There is also a <2> instructor here as well, training another group in my class.

We have been told that our dogs are work ready after the course, with job placement can be provided by the company. I believe they are currently seeking 8 pacs to migrate into a cargo contract when complete.

We will be considered instructors and handlers after this course, yet still to be cleared though a National certifying entity.

As far as their work experience to be able offer such a program..... I have personally worked with this company in 2004, out of Bagram AF for QRF and TST Ops. Dutch was the dog, and he was a beast!!

Other than that, I'm confident they push dogs to other areas of SOF community to this day. With that said, I believe the reason you are reading more marketing style information is cause they have truly proven their style within the community and have pushed into the commercial side of things, providing this program as a 'General College Course'.

Hope these answer your questions. Feel free to PM if you have any more in-depth questions. See below..

Our Certs read:


This is to certify that *** **** has on this day X XXX 2019, completed the 520 hour Patrol/Detection Dog Trainer Course.

This certificate is presented by American K-9 Interdiction, LLC, in recognition of the professional skills you have acquired and demonstrated during this course.

Certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
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