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What I was taught mirrors your understanding of CSM Gentry writing the Creed. I never heard of the "Of the Rangers" version until I went to work at RTB. They did it that way at RTB for the obvious reason that they wanted to embed the Creed but RTB has nothing to do with the Ranger Regiment. It was always funny that the Battboys all said "my Ranger Regiment" anyway, just out of spite.

My guess would be the Vietnam story about the Ranger Companies would originate from one of the "I'm a Ranger too" crowd who was tabbed but never served in the Regiment. I could be wrong on all counts.

I did always find it interesting how things that originated in the Regiment spread throughout the rest of the Army. Every other "Creed" in the Army that I am aware of is a slightly modified version of the Ranger Creed. The term "Hooah" that in my day was never heard outside of the Regiment spread throughout the Army until it became the joke it is today.

But, I digress....
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