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You can see what the wikipedia says here:

The original Ranger Creed is above, but variations of the first stanza have occurred. This is due to the diverging histories of the Rangers as a unit. After the consolidation of the Ranger Companies, the phrase, "of my Ranger Regiment" was substituted for "of the Rangers" by members of 1st Ranger Battalion.[citation needed] When 2nd Ranger Battalion was formed, they did likewise. After the formation of the 75th Ranger Regiment, members of all battalions adopted the wording, "of my Ranger Regiment", and this version remains in use throughout the regiment.[3] However, the version containing the phrase "of the Rangers" continues to be used in the Ranger Handbook.

It doesn't even make sense because earlier in the wikipedia it says it was written in 1974 by CSM Gentry. I've tried editing it several times, but it keeps getting reverted despite part of it is uncited. Now I'm apparently in a 'edit war.' I was hoping to find some sort of citation to correct this.
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