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Pres. Trump's real 2020 threat......

Who is President Trump's real threat in his re-election in 2020?

As I alluded to in another thread over a week ago, the South Bend, Indiana Mayor - Pete Buttigieg.

He just announced officially his candidacy. He is surging in the polls. IMO he is the Democrats dream candidate. Bernie, Biden and the others will be fading away and you are going to see full support of Mayor Pete.

He has the leftist ideals. He is young. He is articulate. He is Gay. He is a veteran who served in Afghanistan.

If you object to him you will be labeled a homophobe.

Many on the left are extolling his military service over Trump's lack of service. (Funny how they ignored Bill Clinton, Obamas, Bernies, etc lack of service). (And from what I gather even though the left is exploiting his "war hero" status, he spent 7 months riding a desk doing research of financial records of targets. Not that I decry anyone who has ridden a desk, as I did at times also, and I do applaud him for his service, as I do all. But just cause you are a Veteran does not mean you get a blind pass. Not all are Heros. Men on this board like Gavin, they are the genuine war heros. )

The right is in a predicament also, as since many overlooked Trump's pass sexual indiscretions/comment/divorces they will be called either hypocrites, or will be silent on the issue, if they call out Pete's homosexual behavior.

Perfect Democrat strategy.

Being that the left MSM, and Hollywood, social media is saturated with Gays at the very top levels, you are goung to see the gay network go into full swing promoting this guy - and financial fundraising/contributions.

Democrats have a habit of wanting the "first". First Black man, first woman, first gay, etc.

I will come out and flat say it, besides his liberal/leftist ideals, I do not want a man who is having sex with another man in the White House! Call me a bigot, a homophobe, I don't care. It is lacking in character, immoral, not a good example for our nation and of course the youth.

As for Pete's past accomplishments, you know the saying "You can build a hundred bridges........".

Mayor Pete is a real threat.

Remember the last election, even with Hillarys baggage, was actually pretty close. She won the popular vote and if had taken just 2 other states would have won the Electoral college vote. Remember Barrack HUSSEIN Obama was a no name also and won. And who would have thought 4 years ago Trump could have been elected?
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