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Originally Posted by Agoge View Post
I would rather a quality understaffed department than one with three times the unqualified people to simply fill numbers.

Recipe for disaster!

Start lowering standards and you will reap what you sow!
Yep. when I see multiple police officers arrive at an intersection with a perfectly functioning traffic signal, get out of their cars to go stand in the middle of the intersection, and manage to fuck up traffic for the next couple hours, I cant help but think we would do just fine with a few less officers.

Originally Posted by Sharky View Post
I saw someone on the news comment the other day that they think raising LE pay too much had a negative effect. When LE pay was lower the people who gravitated to LE were there because they loved the work. With higher pay you have more people there for the paycheck who really don't give a shit about the work that they do. I think it was Dan Bongino who said that but not positive.
I would have to imagine, that much like fire departments, the officers who "want to be there" at those low paying jobs are the new ones who decided it was better than being unemployed, and that department is basically a revolving door that people pass through on their way to a better paying department. If you want quality officers, increase the pay, but maintain a high standard. If the standards are high, you will still only keep the people who actually care about the career.
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