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Originally Posted by magician View Post
Never heard of it. LOL!

We just enjoyed a fine repast of Italian cuisine from Pala Romana. I love that place.

Raviolis in garlic and butter.
Chicken Cacciatore.
Side order of spinach in garlic butter.
Two orders of dessert creme puffs (I ordered an extra one while my wife was in the ladies and consumed it before she returned so she had no idea).
One bottle of some Italian wine.
One Cafe Americano.

฿2000. Or $65. Without the wine, the bill would have been $32.50.

Even I can afford to do that once a month.
Hopefully that price that price is a typo! Is this one of those places that give you the entire bottle and then how much you drank is on the honor system?

Italian is my absolute favorite, but just a quick nutrition count puts that meal in the area of 3 days worth of carbs, cals, and fat. All the good stuff!!!
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