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Originally Posted by dotherightthing View Post
... I was trying to get some information as to check on integrity but alas, I will allow him to claim, "Commander, ODA 2331" and "Commander, ODA 2046" for a deployment in Afghanistan. Without being SF qualified.
I agree with Pete. I fail to see, if your concerns were shared by the rest of the "command group" why it would not have been taken care of internally by now (if there actually was any type of misrepresentation)

What concerns me is the fact that a "bio" was submitted, as an official document to the command group, and a member of that command group has taken that bio and specific personal information ("Commander, ODA 2331" and "Commander, ODA 2046" for a deployment in Afghanistan) and posted it on an intranet forum. Talk about "integrity"... wow. Not really doing the right thing IMO.

You didnt get the answers you wanted in April. I really don't understand why you thought the replies would be any different this time.
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