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I have been night hog hunting with a buddy of mine with an AAC SDN-6 on my REPR running subs and the gas turned off.......with PVS-14s and a "PEQ-15" IR laser (cheap chinese copy that we opened up and shock proofed ourselves--runs fantastic). AWESOME setup. That shit makes my dick hard. I bought 2 SDN-06s simply due to that and have roughly 1.5-2 months left on my ATF paperwork before I can pick them up. the wait is KILLING me.

However, was rather difficult to score back to back multiple rooter pig kills with the thing for me due to two factors:
  • 1. the pigs WILL hear the bullet smack the other hog even when running subs (I used 220gr OTM subs from "right to bear" ammo @~100-150 yds)
  • 2. If you don't get that one-hitter quitter and that hog starts squealing and screaming....the others will GTFO.

If they bug out.....usually they will be back after a few minutes. We would hit the remote on the deer feeder so it would spray the corn and that sound would have em back in no time.

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We run AACs on our 10.5" 416s and they have been great.
I hate you.
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