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Originally Posted by firemed1394 View Post
FF/Paramedic here, 13 years total last 4 carrying Texas Peace Officer license as a reserve officer with a small town. My employer is a bigger more “active” city. Super stoked to have finally accepted a SWAT medic position with my full time employer. I took on a challenge day one meeting with commander. I want all of our officers to carry on person a med card. Back story-I attended TCCC course three years ago and met a man who introduced himself as a SPECOPS medic getting some refresher. He Passed on a great idea Ive been trying to put together since. He meets with each of his members pre-deployment (small units 8-10) and builds a card for each perspective operator. I don’t recall all of the info he obtained but it was minimal and trauma specific I.e height weight, allergies,thinners yes/no, airway size, blood type, and pre calculated drug doses for pain and airway management narcs. Any other relevant ideas that would be great for a 4x6 laminated card?
I kept the cards with me for my eyes only, if I felt the need to pass something on guys trusted me to do so, but agency wasn’t aware of them
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