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Originally Posted by 256 View Post
Not the same topic, but SWAT medic related nonetheless. We have a firefighter in our city interested in trying out for our team. He gave me his resume and I looked it over. It includes information about where he worked, and some of the general taskings EMTs do on a daily basis. That type of information seems to be a given, would explaining some of the specific trauma he has dealt with be essential to add on his resume? I could be entirely off base, but I generally understand that firefighters maintain the fire station and vehicles. I would be more interested to know how many gunshot wounds you've treated. But, maybe that is an interview question.
Got your PM.

For my needs I want my EMT to have OPA's, NPA's and spinal immob. down cold. I want them to be able to set up all of my airway shit in about 30 seconds. I would want them to be able to have their skill set down cold and anticipate what I am going to do down cold. They must get really good at packaging the patient for extract.

My partner and I hardly said 2 words to each other on scene. We knew what the other was going to do.

Some, not all FF's are trained to the EMT-B, EMT-I or Paramedic level.

I would not care much about his fire experience to get him on a team. But his pre-hospital care/assessment skills must be down cold.

For the most part, trauma related, EMT-B's and Paramedics should be doing the same PHTLS/BTLS assessment. It is the intervention that is different.

I have found that trauma patients are pretty straight forward, complex medical on the other hand can be challenging to DX and TX.
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