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Originally Posted by Cold1 View Post
Thanks for the thread. I got my T levels tested for the first time at 41 and they were in the very low 400s. The doc said it was in range and normal. Every year it has been dropping by few points, 46yo now. My local health care provider has been recently bought out by a corporation and all the docs have left and it's now staffed by freshly graduated PAs that have to reference the books before doing anything. Local clinics are not very abundant, but I am close to two major MED centers. What would be the best option to hunting for a doc that will help. Should I be looking for an end at the MED centers?

Polypro seems to be the the SME in this realm. I say that because I printed this thread out, whited-out any potential identifying information and brought it to the MD that is prescribing my TRT. He vetted/read it and acknowledged and agreed with what seemed to be about 90% of Ployís information. I say all of that because Poly has given advise in other threads about Testosterone. When I used the advanced search using keyword testosterone and his username 12 different threads came up. You may be able to look through those threads to help you find an awnser, while you await his response.

If I was in your shoes, I would use the google-machine and search for reviews of MDs that treat Low-T in your area. Vet the reviews, and run them through the base of knowledge Poly has provided in this and other threads and try to make an appointment with the MD you think will serve you best. I look at medical care as if I am my best advocate. I certainly am not qualified to understand all the inís and outís but, I can run other peopleís opinion of their MDís care through my knownledge base and determine where to go from there.

I went from the 180 range to the 800 range and I can not tell you how big of a difference that will make for you. Also keep in mind that it does not happen overnight, it takes a little while to see and understand the benefits. Iím lacking the HgC (HcG?) aspect and awaiting my MDís opinion on it. Thatís a huge component of TRT as I understand it. Good luck, brother. Thatís my simpleton 2 cents to your post/question.
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