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Red face

Mon petit

The actual recruiting website of the Legion Entragere is at (English version - French is at I found this by typing "French Foreign Legion recruiting into Google (

I think you should get a passport (; take a plane to Paris ( and go to the Legion Entrangere recruiting station at FORT DE NOGENT; 94120 FONTENAY SOUS BOIS; TEL (33) 0 148 774 968 ( and enlist.

That's the best way to learn. By actually doing.

Of course, this computer internet search shit is so hard that a 50 year old dinosaur like me, that cut his teeth on acetate, grease pencils, stenographic stencil masters; ditto machines; manual typewriters and writing shit out in long hand can figure it out - without one single second of 'computer classes'.

Oh, mon petit, having insulted SOTB, you may address me as 'mon Commandant' as practice or just as "Sir", but without the sarcasm, si vous satisferiez.
The well-trained SF SADM detachment is like an artillery round...

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