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Originally posted by WALTON C.
Well so sorry to blah, blah, blah, etc....

To the personal that have helped with what I asked. Thank you. to everyone eles.. Whatever!
Here's the deal, little one. You are a sarcastic little stain who is incapable of pulling off a decent sarcastic insult OR recognize when you have stepped on your peepee.

Guess what? You go right on thinking that you have the same weight and rights as others on this board.

You got your crank slapped sometime back when you posted on the Ranger forum. You obviously are not one to quickly learn. But that is OK.

You'll be riding a very pretty helo soon. Just stand over there while I get everything set up for you.

As you are one of our "special" clients, I want you to feel comfortable that, just as in your daily trips to school on the "special bus", we have "special" accomodations for transporting you out of here as well.

So long fuckstick....
Losing faith in humanity, one assclown at a time....