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Originally Posted by Durable View Post
Once was said to me "the hardest words you can say is", "I don't know".


Fair enough.

My thoughts (and just thoughts and suspicions) are that Mr Noor was seized upon as a diversity bean by a police department that wanted to virtue-signal. I suspect that he was probably not a stellar performer during pre-hire screening and testing or at the academy. I suspect that he probably did not perform very well during Field Training, either. In fact, I'm guessing he probably had no business being a cop, but he was just too special to not be a cop, in the view of the politicians of that city.

I don't know the average sentence around that area for a first-time offender with similar chargess. I have a very hard time seeing his actions meeting the elements for Murder. I seriously doubt other first-time offenders would get that amount of time in a manslaughter case that had the same level of intent as an element of the crime. I know that in both states that I was a cop in (CA and AK), only a cop could possibly get a sentence that harsh in similar circs.
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