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Originally Posted by KS11 View Post
I see both sides of the issue of whether cops should be held to a higher standard, the same standard, or cut some slack.

It's a tough one because while they wield a lot of authority/power over fellow citizens and we expect (demand?) more from them because of it, they're also, by the very nature of the job that we ask (demand?) of them to do, placed in situations where they have the opportunity to make the mistake in the first place.

As a police officer, I was in fights, chases, etc all the time. I had the opportunity, within the context of rapidly changing and volatile situations, to make the wrong split-second decision at the wrong time. Because it was my job to be in that situation.

As a private citizen, I'm not in those situations. Because that's not my job.

I'm not going to chase a suspect down a dark alley and then mistake a cellphone for a gun...because I'm not going to be chasing a suspect down a dark alley in the first place.

So yeah, it's a tough one and it's kind of hard to grasp if you haven't been there. Wisdom combined with similar experience can substitute for the "been there" part, which is why many here are pretty fair despite having no direct LE experience, but the general public is a different animal. Which is why you usually have two clearly defined camps- the Thin Blue Line/1* camp and the "fuck cops, they should be held accountable just like I would" camp.

Reality is a moving target and takes some wisdom to locate at times, which sadly, is rare these days.
Spot on.
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