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Originally Posted by Greenhat View Post
Until they actually do something that is treason or an attack on the United States, they are just doing what they have every right to do.
I hear what you are saying. I really do. However, there is just something about that statement that doesn't make sense to me. Maybe because its the particular circumstances of this (Palestinian/HAMAS) situation.

I am trying to compare it to the way that people always are allowed to do anything and everything that people know is wrong and is going to lead to something bad, but nobody can/will do anything because its TECHNICALLY not illegal....yet. Like the weird guy who sits at playgrounds and takes pictures of little children playing, or at the beach. Who lingers a little too long by the side of a schoolyard. And then he winds up taking the next step a few months later and molests a kid.

In a situation like that, everyone knows its not right and that something should be done about.....but its not until he actually does something that you are able take action. The biggest loser there is the kid (and to a large extent, society) who could have been protected, but wasn't.

I dunno. There's a point that I think the founding fathers would have wanted to draw the line at. I am pretty sure that this would be one of them. But I guess other people think differently.
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