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Originally Posted by Greenhat View Post
There are 1.4 billion Muslims in the world. You want to make war on all of them? Change Muslim to Jew in your post and you sound like fucking Hitler.
Ok, I understand your point, but consider that the Jews did not ram two airplanes into the Reichstag nor did they try to sink a German warship.

We could never kill EVERY Muslim on the planet, but we can certainly send them back to the Stone Age, as we did to Japan and Germany. The only way we could get there is through the proper mindset, and it is said mindset that we lack. We won WWII by going all out, and that is the only way we will win this war.

I don't get off on being an internet hardass....or saying "so and so" needs to be dead. But we need to bring a war without rules to the Muslims if we expect to keep our way of life.

Some people mentioned earlier that we should infringe upon the rights of Muslims in the States. I don't think this is right, even though at times my emotions say otherwise. However, keep in mind that if Muslims had their way in America, they would not be so fair and just as to fall in step with our beloved Constitution. On another note, I am really proud to see so many people sticking to the Constitution.

Originally Posted by SOTB View Post
Two comments.

First, I agree with the quote above. While I do consider Christianity a threat, it cannot be ignored that the religion's followers have dramatically changed their behaviors in the past thousand years. Simply, Christians have decided that they don't wish to forcibly impress their ideas upon others -- and openly (and aggressively) punish those who are so fanatical as to utilize violence in the name of their religion. This is where we should want Islam to arrive. And it CAN.

Secondly, the commentary bordering on genocide is the danger we face when we refuse to properly address the Islamic threat. People's emotions are easily riled -- we as a species are not near as advanced as we like to brag we are, and there are numerous examples within the last 30 years (well after WWII) that show how easily and quickly our emotions can result in nothing less than atrocious behavior.

The idea that we are in a Global War on Terrorism is simply stupid. We are in a Global War on Islam -- whether we want to admit it or not. Certainly Muslims don't doubt this. Whether they will tell you that they are suspicious of the West's dealings with Islam in regards to recent wars, the support of Israel, issues surrounding oil, religious equality (including even when we capitulate and allow for the masking of windows at private swimming hours at public pools), whatever -- Muslims look at the West through jaundiced eyes at a minimum, many look at the West as an enemy (in advance, there are many examples of enemies conducting trade and other relations).

We should openly acknowledge that we are in a war against Islam, and wage it as such. Or surrender the war. Whichever route selected, we need to accept the reality and choose a course. Personally, I would rather we didn't surrender. If we decided to fight it seriously, then we should target Muslim nations throughout the world and clearly state that violent acts (or the tolerance of their citizenry conducting violent acts) will result in their destruction -- and then carry that out. I believe the violence would initially be intense, and scores of Muslims would die. I also believe they would lose the war -- the more aggressive that we fought, the quicker they would surrender. We should not forget that "surrender" means there are conditions that are to be met by the losers -- and we should demand certain changes in the Islamic religion as part of our acceptance of their surrender. Conditions, BTW, which are put forth and championed by Muslims -- not by Christians. We cannot MAKE them change their religion to one that is peaceful, not directly. No, our job should be to make it so painful to continue to practice assclownery behavior that they themselves seek to change their beliefs.

I really don't care whatever happens. Because I have no illusions that we will surrender. No, we'll eventually stomp that ass -- but if we don't do it sooner than later, sadly lots of Muslims will die that really didn't have to. Even to the extent that it could appear genocidal -- which will be another blight on our history of so-called "progress"....
SOTB, you are absolutely right.

Originally Posted by Jimbo View Post
Did you have your pet hamster type some of that?
Ah hah! I have started a hamster trend in this thread. I claim full responsibility. Go ahead, bicker about Israel, Palestine, Jews and Muslims. The hamsters will be plotting. Misdirection, my friends, misdirection.
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