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ERAU is primarily a science and math school. It is great for engineers and the like. I don't know that it matters for a pilot to get an undergrad degree from there? The flight training they give is good from the friends who have gone through it but the same can be said of many other schools which are significantly less expensive.

I'm hoping to finish my BS from there this summer and the one thing that I have learned above all else is that ERAU is incredibly expensive. Personally I'd do some shopping around.

I'm not sure how your TA works but the Army has a semester hour cap which is less than the course cost at ERAU. This means that even with TA I have to come out of pocket for each class plus my book costs. With my Army TA I can take 6 classes per fiscal year before the money runs out. With other schools I can take more classes. When you add up your out of pocket cost over the course of the degree it really adds up just to have a different name on your diploma.

If you were going to be an engineer taking classes on the campus I'd say it might be a worthwhile investment. If you are an active duty guy going to school online or on a military base, not so much...
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