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That's what the Army says too. The real answer for the army is that I pay $30 for each of the six classes because their semester hour cost cap is just under the course cost. The kicker is that once the TA runs out for the year you are paying a significant amount of money for classes which may only be recognized through ERAU.

I'm taking an UL elective titled; "Leadership" this semester with an out of pocket cost of just shy of $900. When you add in the book costs for the other three classes I'm taking this semester it's outrageous. I'm not sure what I can learn online about leadership in 9 weeks that I didn't get in the last 20 years of being in the military but I'll find out starting on Monday.

My advice to everyone is to knock out as many CLEP's/ DANTES exams as possible. Maximize your TA by using cheaper institutions for the classes which will transfer over like basic math and english and then hope for the best with whatever required classes you have to have through your diploma mill of choice. I personally want to kick my own ass for the amount of money I'm spending to add a line to my resume but that's the world we live in.
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