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Originally Posted by Little Fix View Post
My advice to everyone is to knock out as many CLEP's/ DANTES exams as possible.
Also seriously consider UEXCEL exams and ECE's. Many of the DANTES and ECE tests carry upper-level credit.

Some universities (e.g. Ohio University) offer departmental exams in addition to their distance-ed courses. Beneficial if you've spent some time doing a lot of reading on your own already.

If you insist on doing flight training at a so-called university or technical school, make damned certain that you combine it with some significant course work that will score you a degree in something like engineering, atmospheric science, human factors, or accountancy. Having "aviation" as your major is little more than general studies with some FAA tickets included; you won't be getting picked up by NASA Aircraft Operations Division with that (engineering and science majors only please!). Same goes for industrial flight test.

Get a mechanic certificate while you're at it, if at all possible. Be aware that in most, if not all, entry-level civil aviation jobs, you will not be flying full-time. Unless you're in a position to do maintenance work back in the hangar (and drawing better pay for it, BTW), expect to spend the rest of your time doing a combination of receptionist and janitorial tasks, if you're even employed there full-time at all (frequently not).

As for the airman certificates themselves, what matters is whether you have them, not where you obtained them. So-called "Big Name Aviation University" establishments are largely a racket based on snob appeal. Do shop carefully, but be aware that the quality of flight training obtainable from Wilbur-Wasn't-Lucky Aviation Services or Lower Monkey D*ck Aero Club can be remarkably good. If they have local competition, find out what their clientele have to say about them. Keep in mind that if you feel like you're getting nickel-and-dimed for no clear reason, you are, so do not walk -- RUN! -- and take your business elsewhere. Having been to several of them during the past three decades, I know. You're embarking on an extremely expensive pursuit no matter how you slice it, and the market is fraught with as many lying, thieving cheat scumbags as there are reputable operations.

Good luck with your training.

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