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Brig. Gen. Walt Smith

Saw several posts implying that Walt Smith was lying. Don't know about his military career, but do know the following....

I cannot vouch for Waltís military service, as I did not know that part of his life. I do know the following about him.
Worked for Sis-Q Flying Service as co-pilot on PBY N2886D, Tanker #49.
Company contracted to CA Div. of Forestry and U.S. Forest Service to supply aerial fire fighting aircraft.
Left the company to go to work for the CA State Police, and was on Gov. Reaganís Security Patrol.
Worked for the FAA at Sonoma County Airport, ( Charles M. Schultz Airport)
Walt was flying on Tanker #49 when I went to work for the company, and was a dedicated employee.
Tanker #49 was sold when Sis-Q went out of business. This can be verified by an internet search for the N #, N2886D, or Sis-Q Flying Service Tanker #49. It ended up in WA State, and crashed while water scooping and pilot and co-pilot died. Pictures of the remains are also available on the internet.
I know this because I worked as a mechanic at the company while Walt was flying, and in my last year with the company I also flew co-pilot on #49 occasionally. I was not the main co-pilot, but when he needed time off I would sometimes substitute for him.
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