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the truth is their business model sucks..

shy of their 1911 clone they arent in the CCW market at all.. their R1, RP R380 and other attempts to get into pistols have been abject failures.. huge amounts of money invested, and huge losses associated..

they have been loosing more and more market share with their bolt actions for years.. between all the controversy with the 700 trigger, and their horrible attempt to get into the "entry" level market space with the 783 have pretty much sunk them on a front where they used to be a leader.. Ruger, Mossberg, and Savage have dominated the "entry" market.. and Winchester, and several euro brands have been grabbing more and more of the middle and premium markets each year for a long time..

They tried to get into the AR15 market as well.. and once again, have failed...

Lets not forget the class action lawsuit against them in the late 90's for their shotguns (another market they dominated for decades and then have seen reduce slowly year after year after year for the past 20 without recovering)..

Other companies arent going tits up one year into an (R) presidency..

Other companies are reporting lagging sales and increased inventory..

but other companies are actually listening to their customers and producing shit their customers want at a price their customers are willing to pay, that is of reasonable quality for the price..

Remington has failed to do that for a long time...

I thought there was a chance Cerberus would turn them around actually.. integrating them in their "Freedom Group" with Marlin, Bushmaster, and other firearms manufacturers (who are all doing peachy I might add..) should have set them up for future success...

but.. apparently not..
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