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Just one look at their products on their website could have told you they were run by boring old Fudds that really had no idea wtf they were doing. The website is just full of depressingly lame products.

The thing that gets me is that it's really not that hard to tell what the customers want. Brownells and Troy both knocked it out of the park with the retro shit ---- and anyone who's browsed an ARF thread could tell you that when people are shelling out serious cash for 'obsolete and hard to find' parts on the EE, yeah there's a market there. That's not even being innovative. It's an already-established market with considerable demand, you just have to fill it and hire a guy with a wheelbarrow to take all the money you make to the bank. And a lawyer to make sure you're not patent infringing somewhere.

Or the other route is to just look at instagram for inspiration. Lots of little shops here and there doing awesome stuff, like QC10's AR9 lower that accepts MP5 mags. People have been screaming about that for a long time, and was halfway fulfilled by SIG's MPX. Remington is/was a huge company with an established megaphone in the form of name recognition and market strength to match. Not to mention machine shops and knowledgeable people working for them. Anything decent they put out could have been a serious contender if they just would have done something worth a shit. IMO, their last gasp was the ACR, and the company just kept swirling the toilet bowl from that point on.
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