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Originally Posted by Steve40th View Post
Just curious if this is used mostly as a antidepressent or sleeping aid, and what you may have seen if anyone ever used it.
My GP have a good relationship having served together. He also did a tour or two as RMO of SASR so when I go to grumbling about dreams of Afghanistan, he smiles and nods.

He prescribed it to me as a sleep aid. His words were "It won't stop you dreaming, but the dreams will be nice instead of what you have now".

It has the happy side effect of helping with my pain management in that it works well enough (on me) as a muscle relaxant.

My dreams are markedly different on the nights I take it compared to my nights off it. I have come to appreciate its effects but I do not take it every night.

The hangover is not so much painful as simply a head full of cotton gauze and feeling like someone tried to stuff it in through my mouth as well as my ears.

What are you hoping to achieve with it?

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