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Originally Posted by leopardprey View Post
So help me out here then. Is Force Recon still in existence? Same mission, training as before? Or has all of that been replaced by MARSOC, and MARSOC taking on many of the missions (and funding) that Force Recon use to have? Or Force still in existence, still working at Corps. level, and has not been diminished? Competition then between both for eligible recruits?
One of the Corps' historical arguments against providing units for SOCOM was the cost. The Corps viewed having a Marine component to SOCOM as taking Marines away from their statutory missions while providing no benefit to the Corps. The only way MARSOC was "sold" within the Corps was by its proponents claiming that Marines would go to MARSOC for X amount of time, receive amazing training on SOCOM's dime, then return to the FMF to share their knowledge, experience, and training. We all knew it was bullshit; there's no way to maintain the level of expertise SOF units require with "part-time" help.

Force and Bn Reconnaissance provided/provide eyes & ears on the battlefield in advance of the MEF/Div/MAGTF. MARSOC works for SOCOM and supports them. IIRC, there was a MEU that hosted a MARSOC unit, but because the MARSOC guys didn't work for the MEU CO, there was quite a bit of dissension. Force and Bn Recon still exist and are controlled by the Corps. MARSOC resides on Marine bases, but is owned by SOCOM.
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