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It is time to create an SOF branch service

Many years ago in the mid to late eighties, long before 911, Afghanistan and Iraq, I was an aspiring Navy SEAL. I did not attend BUD/S and am not in anyway shape or form claiming to be a SEAL, so do not try to use that bs against me cause it wont work. I did not succeed in my objective to becoming a SEAL due to overuse knee problems. And the Navy recruiting command was not sympathetic to my plight. I was kicked out on an administrative discharge not but a year after high school graduation and the experience left me jaded for life.

I believe that the regular Navy could care less about the SEALs, in fact I believe the regular Navy doesnt even like the SEALs much in the same way the regular Army doesnt like Special Forces. But at the same time, the Navy Recruiting Command uses the SEALs as a recruitment tool.

I think this is all a crock of sh*t and I believe we are losing the war on terrorism. We arent fighting it British SAS style, we are fighting the Iraq thing conventionally, with large mechanized units, still mostly run by small minded and conventionally minded officers.

Same old song and dance, same as Vietnam. Fighting guerillas (terrorists) with large, conventional forces. Why? We have extremely poor leadership, both in the military and on the civilian side of DOD.

In my opinion, the solution to many of the problems facing SOF and our country's inability to effectively combat terrorists AKA insurgents or guerillas (same thing) is to form an entirely separate branch of the military. This separate branch would be known as the Special Operations Forces. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and SOF.

I would compare this to when the Army Air Corp realized its own needs were so unique and different from the regular Army that they formally broke away from the Army and became the US Air Force in the late forties. The same thing is badly needed with special ops.

Furthermore, this separate SOF branch service should be formally merged with our nation's major foreign intelligence gathering services (especially HUMINT capabilities), much as the WW2 era OSS ran both intelligence gathering ops PLUS "special operations" such as the Jedburg teams. In WW2, special ops was not part of the military as it is now, it was the other half of the OSS. It should be the same today.

The conventional military has no business at all training, maintaining and conducting special operations, covert operations, etc. This should be separate from the military. Until the early sixties in fact, it pretty much was separate. President Kennedy largely was responsible for gutting out a lot of the CIA's paramilitary and covert military it to the Army and Navy (grudgingly I should add). President Jimmy Carter further tore down the CIA's paramilitary capabilities in the mid to late seventies.

This new branch of the military should have its own separate command and control, including a four star General on the JCS. This way, regular Army and Marine officers couldnt get in the way of screwing up strategic plans as happens so often. Remember when regular Army Generals refused British SAS and American SOF units to take out Osama Bin Laden at Bora Bora way back in late 2001? This is the sort of the reason why we need a separate branch of the military devoted 100% to fighting "terrorists," guerillas, insurgents and other "small wars."

Additionally, this new futuristic branch of the military should be politically insultated, much like the FBI is politically insulated. This way, members of this new branch of service could make independent decisions in the field without having to worry about not getting promoted or having "political" fallout from taking risks or screwing up.

I stand by my opinions and find it very funny that many of the opinions I made in posts in the 99-2000 time period strangely came true after 911. It is time to wake up and for all special operators to ditch their parent services and jump ship. You need YOUR OWN BRANCH OF THE MILITARY, SEPARATE BUT EQUAL to handle the Iraqs, the Afghanistans and the insurgents of the world. The regular Army and Marines sure as all hell arent capable of dealing with it, thats for sure.

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