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Originally Posted by specat93 View Post

I've been watching this series on Youtube and it is truly excellent. But I got to episode 3 and was honestly shocked. One of the trainees went AWOL after specifically being told to stay on Medina Annex over the weekend. He got his just deserts but what truly bugged me (and freaking stunned me, honestly) was that the O-3 TL of the class lied repeatedly to the chief instructor about not knowing that the dude had gone AWOL but then later recanted.

I went to USAFA with at least one of your CROs and I know that this individual demonstrated solid leadership, at least as a cadet. I also cannot fathom how an active duty USAF officer would lie to his own leadership, under ANY circumstances--much less to protect some dipshit airman that went AWOL. I was only a tanker guy, but I guarantee you that pulling shit like that as an officer would be a guaranteed Article 15, at the very least in the aviation community.

I got out several years ago. Has the AF really changed that much?? I cannot believe that a lying officer would be tolerated, especially in an esteemed community like yours.
IIRC he got a LOR that was read in front of the entire class, and the AWOL guy went back to Alaska with his wife.
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