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Originally Posted by grog18b View Post
So... They pay Tucker Carlson's house a visit at night and scare the shit out of his wife and kids...

Not much on the MSM about it, except on FOX of course... Imagine if the clan showed up at Don Lemon's house with a burning cross on his lawn...

My first question is... Why is this seemingly being tolerated? Why is this group not being arrested en-mass every time they show their black skinny jean wearing faces in public? Why are they being permitted to take over entire city blocks in Portland?

...and... I could not imagine what would happen if they did this to the, well, let's call it the "right" person's house at night...

Realizing everyone has a right of free speech, and that if a large group of wanna be Nazis want to parade down a street in the USA is fine with the right permits... but... these assclowns are openly stalking and attacking people, blocking streets, destroying property... and where are the calls to DO something about them? Have we gotten so delusional as a society that most people actually think this sort of shit is okay and that they are just "protesting"?
Because they're against President Trump, and against everything that is good, upright, and moral in this country. Which is what the vast majority of people in power want. Next question.
Twitter/social media isn't real life.
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