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Originally Posted by wowzers View Post
Is Foscam out of business? I went to their website and it wanted me to go to Amcrest.

The wife has been pushing me to set up some cameras but I don't want the video leaving my possession. Is the only way to run my own server? What kind of cash outlay roughly to setup 3-5 cameras and the server?
Ha! No idea, I just grab them off of Amazon - never needed support. Amcrest looks similar, wonder if they bought them, or owned them, or something?

Yes - your own server is what keeps the stuff private. Any Windows computer can run Blue Iris - have a powerful one already (Core i5 or better)? Cost is tough to say - pick all your computer parts and find the cameras you like, and you'll know an estimate. Look at Amcrest cams on Amazon (or remaining FOSCAMs).
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