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Originally Posted by agonyea View Post
My daughter gave me an Apple smart watch. It does a
lot and is water resistance. Not for swimming, but you could be out in the rain with it.
Here is the major, major problem. The Apple watch is "Paired" with only your iPhone . Since I did a update on my iPhone it turned off my wifi on my iPhone, hence my phone can no longer talk to the watch.
I have followed all of the instructions on turning back on the wifi from Apple, and their customer service, short of sending back the iPhone to let them fix the download problem.
I talked to Apple about having their tablets and other devices "pair" with the Apple watch, nothing in response.
Besides this major wifi, problem the watch has a lot of functions , some get stuck open or closed.
Like the watch gives you audio of a man or woman voice, and it will not stop talking at times.
A constant voice of time , of BP, or messages, mail is annoying when you go back to the specific function and it wont turn off.
I have tried to "Pair" this watch up with my wife's iPhone and it refuses to "Pair" up with her iPhone.
Apple customer service is not much help, especially when i read all of the customers complaints on the iPhone and Apple watch system.
My advice is read what customers say about these devices before you buy, beware that some of these customer reviews are generated by Apple!
I think the Samsung has it own sim card and therefore can, but does not need to sync with your phone to make commo. Its more like the 2000's sync your laptop with your desktop and the last decade of syncing your phone or tablet with your LT. Reviews for the Frontier are great, except you have to use BT headset or speaker phone for all of your calls. I am not 100% sure on the sim card, I better check.
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