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Originally Posted by btq96r View Post
I'd imagine most universities Political Science departments allow this- regardless of ideology. I know my school does. My department head forwards about 2-3 emails a week with offers for credit if the student completes an internship over a semester. They come from all areas on the political spectrum.

College's love it because they get the tuition and fees for however many credit hours the student signs up for, and all they have to do is assign a teacher to "supervise" the course. I did an internship over the summer and I had to keep an online journal weekly and write an essay at the beginning and the end and make a storyboard for the hallway. It was all done via email, and my professor was even out of the country on vacation while I was doing my internship. Colleges love collecting easy money these internships provide.

As for the perceived bias in this...when the college Republicans are done crying about this, they can go to their local Tea Party office, arrange for an internship, then have the organization agree with the university for credit hours.
It works that way around here too.
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