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Originally Posted by ET1/ss nuke View Post
I spent some time several years ago in the restoration facility with the people who work there. When they were emptying out the mud which had filled the inside through the broken porthole, the restoration workers found small stalactites which had grown inside. Since stalactites can only grow in air, not water, and since the emergency surfacing blocks had never been released, the presumed cause of death for all except possibly the commander was asphyxiation, not drowning, because there must have been air (though perhaps not breathable) in there long after the crew was dead for stalactites to form. We'll probably never know exactly what happened, but the presence of the stalactites suggests that the porthole was broken at some later time, possibly by a ship's anchor, many years after the crew were dead.
Ive always thought because of the detonation of the charge that was placed on the hull of the other ship, perhaps they were all knocked out and and the Hunley sunk and they were over come by carbon dioxide build up.
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