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I've reworked my resume a half-dozen times.

In the last three years I've gotten one (1) interview, and that was an out of the blue phone call interview that, while it lasted a half-hour, yielded nothing.

Getting pretty frustrated. Not looking for a killer job, just something, anything, that will pay roughly what I'm getting paid now.

Problem with Asheville is that there aren't a lot of jobs other than service industry. Competition is high, slots few, pay is generally low. Being at the Sheriff's office is routinely categorized by my peers as being boxed in... we've got good pay for the region, more than one can typically get anywhere else, so we're boxed into the job, unable to leave without taking a cut. Oh, and I hate, literally HATE, supervising inmates. I've seen too much evil in my life. Need a change. Badly.


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