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Your cell phone is the absolute worst device to do most anything on (to include keeping it in your pocket walking around) if you have any concern for privacy. That said, I'm glad organizations are pushing back against the gov. You cannot create a backdoor for the gov and expect it won't be exploited otherwise.

The closest I imagine you could come is by welcoming them (gov) into your own environment and setting up a controlled space for the phone's content to be decrypted and provided. Even then, you've never really given control to the user for their personal information. So, that's a no go.

Even then, I don't trust the actual process for getting judicial approval at this point. Zero confidence in giving the gov access to anything. It's supposed to be annoyingly hard for the government to invade your privacy, if at all. It's by design and is a fundamental right.

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If anyone decides to commit a crime serious enough to have your phone searched do not use a phone or even bring it to the area. it will be your undoing.
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