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IraqGunz is the smart guy to recommend parts and pieces. I built a stripped lower (Stag) that had never been assembled as a rifle (legally important - in my case it had never been assembled as anything) with a Rock River Arms (RRA) pistol tube and an Exile Machine foam cover and donuts. The rest is odds and ends I had laying around.

What you need is a good quality upper. I went with a 10.5" barrel as it is a good balance between size/handling and velocity (although there is a trend for 11.5"+). Mine was a Sabre Defence that I dremel'ed down the gas block/front sight to fit a Troy VTAC free float tube. As per IG's guidance it did require an H3 buffer.

The muzzle device is of some argue as some guys want to direct the significant blast away from the shooter. The Noveske KX3 does this (heavy though.. about a 1/2 pound) as well as some other devices but mine came with an (unusual) flash hider that does an excellent job of flash reduction with the 10.5" barrel. The blast and noise isn't terrible. (And with all things there is a compromise, as the KX3 was nice!... but heavy!)

It weighs 7.5 lbs as in the picture with a full mag. MP5 sized, but shoots rifle bullets... It's handy.

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