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Originally Posted by RangerJurena View Post
I had Luke Green
If that is the same Green that was a PL in B co prior to that, I am not a fan. That guy stuck me (E4 at the time) and the legendary Delta schtudd Kelly Venden (E6 at the time) with a ~$1,400 statement of charges on some NODs that Puple Hayes rigged incorrectly and his ruck burned in....but it was somehow our fault. He was told by the BC/CSM to "not stick the new PSG with it because we are really short on E7s in RGT...find some lower enlisted guys to dump this on". Years later Green apologized via proxy to a mutual bud of ours at the Q when they both went through, so I guess he knew it was wrong...

Originally Posted by RangerJurena View Post
The CO before Fuller was Maffey and before him was Bonham.
Bonham was Yoda.

Originally Posted by RangerJurena View Post
Hayes was the 2nd PSG and had his goons drag their wall lockers down stairs....
That guy was the biggest piece of shit I ever had in my chain of command. He is retired now, and lives across the street from my ex-brother-in-law at Bragg.

Tons of stories about his idiocy, all for another thread....

Originally Posted by Polypro View Post
Yeah, saw that 1LT Kirby from RTB circa 2000.
Pretty sure he was the OIC of the Gulag at that time(?)....he was prior-enlisted 13F from 1/75....grew up with Dennis Donegan and Ted Yates; they all reported to LT Sawyer, the FIST God. Good dude. Wonder what he did to warrant the RHOF?
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