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Many of my personal friends are ditching support both vocally and monetarily for the NRA in favor of the American Firearms Coalition. This is mainly due to the NRA’s problems (from the top down) having been more mainstream, and NRA backed politicians becoming ever more leisurely with their restrictive ideas and language on the 2A and firearms.

The AFC appears to be a growing organization that is staunchly in the house of “shall not be infringed.” Don’t even give them an inch or they will take a mile, so to speak. They have a presence in DC and it seems they are making the rounds on The Hill.

I haven’t seen any mention here. I have not “joined” yet, and I am still a card carrying NRA member. I’m curious as to what other pro 2A folks have to say about the NRA vs AFC topic. I’m not on any other similar forums, so I thought I’d ask here.

Their website is here:
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