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Originally Posted by Ferryman View Post
I'm more than a little annoyed by all the folks that are bailing ship rather than gathering their pitchforks and taking back the organization.

Shit needs to change, but I really don't understand what giving up on the group is going to accomplish. Myself, I'm going to be on the floor in Nashville next year doing what I can. Not sure what good it will do, but at least I'll be doing something besides running away.
The question must also be asked: can that cat be put back in the bag? How do we “take back” corporate greed and malfeasance? Honest questions- not rhetorical...

The NRA is essentially a mega-corp now. With reports like LaPierre’s wife spending tens of thousands on hair and make up from the pockets of NRA donors and members...people want to see their money go elsewhere. Whether that report is 100% or 1% accurate, every dollar put in by members should be going to support & protect the 2A.

Also, (let’s face it) if they are doing anything at all, some/most 2A Americans aren’t doing anything but putting their money into the NRA that’s supposed to do the fighting for them. You are one of the few taking the fight to them, an honorable move.
In other business ventures (like Levi, Nike, Gillet, etc.) people are told to vote with their dollars and not to spend their cash on companies that put out anti-American, anti-2A, or other unfavorable sentiments in the name of “social justice.”

Additionally, perhaps more than just one “big gun” lobby is not a bad idea altogether.

Those are just my thoughts. Thanks for the reply.
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